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Aimee Kidd


‘At Patricks we are always committed to using the very best materials available combining the latest innovations and our bathroom bag is no exception.’


Meticulously constructed to blend tradition and technology, aesthetics and functionality, design and performance. Every detail of this exclusive design is painstakingly crafted, each is individually numbered and they are limited to only 100 world-wide.

We have combined the technology of aviation and automobile interiors with sophisticated couture fashion elements. Each bag is a unique masterpiece and has been carefully constructed by hand in Australia from a premium Italian Leather. The bag is guaranteed to last for years and age beautifully with use.


The advanced technology is found inside the bag and is designed for effortless travel. Featuring a number of pockets for every need and a unique secret pocket with x-ray scan resistant material to protect valuables and passports. The main lining is a unique proprietary technology that no other material can equal. It has the look and feel of luxurious natural suede, but is scratch-proof, fade resistant and water repellent as well as complying with flammability requirements for automotive use. As such this material is used on a steering wheel of a Porsche GT3 and in private jets and yachts. Strategic pockets are lined with rip-stop fabric that is used in yacht sails and parachutes designed using a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping, water proof and anti-bacterial, ideal for toothbrushes and liquid toiletries.


  • · Full grain, premium quality leather
  • · Scratch-proof, fade resistant and water repellent lining
  • · Water proof, tear resistant and anti-bacterial pockets
  • · Extra large, YKK zips
  • · Limited edition, each bag is individually numbered
  • · Hand stitched dust bag with corresponding numbering
  • · 14W x 27L x 12H cm
  • · Australian Made
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    Aimee Kidd

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